Capt. Roberto Bunicci

President, Federazione Italiana Piloti dei Porti

It has been 20 Years since the last EMPA GM was held in Italy (Genoa). We have the pleasure of being joined by European and National authorities, illustrious guests, and many Pilots from all over Europe. We welcome you as our guests to this event, organised by Fedepiloti.

The value of Human Capital was chosen for this general meeting due to the current interest in accelerated technological development regarding artificial intelligence (AI) and the advancements in autonomy.

Whilst we know how much the internet has changed our lives and autonomous systems are becoming more involved in all industries, these developments and associated implications are still far from definitive.

Evolution concerning virtual reality, enhanced reality, AI and the Metaverse is highly concerning, as specific proposals are promising (promised by the developers of technology) to partially (or completely) replace the work of human beings.

No machine can ever achieve the level of consciousness, awareness or decision-making as that of Homo sapiens. We are unique in our ability to respond with intelligence, flexibility and proportionality to changing environments and situations. AI will always be limited in design, reliability and, most importantly, safety.

As pilots, we have always been resilient and adaptive. Although our degree of knowledge is limited, we are multi-sensory beings with a level of human capability, emotion, experience and connection with conscious behaviour that is of utmost importance in our profession.

For this reason, this year’s theme will explore the profound implications that future technologies, including AI, may have concerning the role of the Pilot.

I, therefore, renew a warm welcome to all guests of the EMPA ROME GM 2023 from the Federazione Piloti dei Porti Italiani and all its associates.